Company Profile; Who Are We?

About Innovative Systems and Solutions, Ltd:

Innovative Systems & Solutions, Ltd. was founded almost twenty years ago, in 1992, with focus on high quality professional computer-related tech services. We broadened our focus to better meet the needs of our clients, expanding into providing hardware, software, and supplies, keeping service, quality, and value as priorities. Our client base continues to grow dramatically. Today we are proud to offer our products and services to Fortune 100 Corporations as well as smaller businesses nationwide and internationally as well.

We offer comprehensive support packages and complete turn-key solutions including office automation, network design and implementation, internet access, and e-mail implementation.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we share the common goal of commitment to emerging technology and providing excellence in customer solutions.


Total Data Collection Solutions:

We partner with award-winning solutions from Cardiff, Kofax, and Captiva Software.

We offer high-volume, distributed solutions that enable businesses to easily and accurately capture information and convert existing paper forms into digital data, virtually eliminating the need for manual entry. Automated data capture is faster, more accurate, less expensive and more fluid than traditional data gathering methods, improving an organization’s business model and allowing it to operate at its full potential, allowing data to be seamlessly collected from the web, fax, scanned paper, and PDF. Common forms templates enable data entry forms to be designed once, then printed (scan), exported to Web (HTML or PDF), PDF, Fax. A consistent database is provided for the information repository as well as the ability to apply a single set of business rules to the data.

The LiquidOfficeTM eForm Management System is a complete XML-based solution used to automate internal forms and the business processes they drive. You can put all of your existing forms into an online, automated system - and save up to $150 for every paper form that you use today! It includes a turn-key eForm Repository and offers advanced support for tracking, routing and electronically signing online forms.





Document and Image Storage/Retrieval Solutions:
As a Certified Development Partner of RICOH, Xerox, and DocuLex, we are pleased to offer powerful solutions based upon solutions of state-of-the-art award winning solutions such as eCabinet, DocuShare, and WebSearch storage and retrieval of images, faxes, e-mails, files, documents, CAD/CAM files.

We are proud to offer our comprehensive line of products to interface with these solutions, including our flexible front-end viewer/heads-down indexing programs (eCIP, DSip, DXip) to facilitate production-level data entry. Versatile enough to be adapted to accommodate work-flow needs, our flagship front-end solutions enhance the core features of the offerings from RICOH, Xerox, and DocuLex. Additional modules include DTA, assisting with HIPAA compliance.

Our import utility, ECIU, provides an automated high performance, high volume import of images/documents with keys into the systems in real-time or batch mode from various sources of input, including scan bureau CDs, TELEform, Ascent Capture, InputAccel, and other systems.

We offer other utilities to enhance these systems as well, allowing efficient import of files, print streams, e-mail, and scans all integrate able with our DTA HIPAA module.



Thin Client Solutions:
As a Citrix Partner, we leverage Microsoft’s Terminal Services inherent in Windows 2000 Server, along with Metaframe XP and Nfuse, to offer low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) alternatives to traditional PC scenarios, facilitating remote access over WANs, the Internet, and intranets, as well as minimizing maintenance of PC topologies.

Small and Medium Business Turn-Key Solutions:
We offer complete turn-key solutions for our SMB clients for office automation, internet access, e-mail.

Break/Fix and Support Agreements:
Our clients break ‘em, we fix ‘em! We offer support contracts for LANs, PCs, Software, and general support. The contracts are tailored to each client’s needs.

We are a progressive, dynamic organization taking advantage of technology to keep
costs and overhead at a minimum to consistently offer top quality products, services, and custom application development at a fair price.

Current Certifications and Affiliations Include
  • Microsoft Certified Partner, MCS, MCSE
  • Citrix Metaframe Thin Client/Server Based Computing Silver Partner
  • Ricoh e-Cabinet Certified Tier-1 Partner and Developoment Partner
  • Cardiff Software TELEform Channel Partner
  • Optus FACSys fax server Authorized Reseller
  • Brooktrout Fax Board Partner
  • RightFax Authorized Reseller
  • HP and Compaq Authorized Reseller and Agent
  • Cisco Authorized, CNA
  • Xerox Authorized Color Printer Partner
  • SonicWall Authorized Value-Added Reseller
  • COVAD Internet Service Provider Partner
  • DocuShare Value-Added Reseller and Trainer


We are a progressive, dynamic organization taking advantage of technology to keep costs and overhead at a minimum to consistently offer top quality products, services, and custom application development at a fair price.